Offshore Virtual Office Services

For greater professionalism behind your offshore companies’ operation, we at Offshore Universe provide a full virtual office service. A virtual office is where a company does not have a physical place of business and therefore conducts business online.

This is inclusive of :

  • Professional and full ranging receptionist services
  • Regular email monitoring
  • Mail forwarding services
  •  General administrative filing management

Offshore Universe offers offshore companies with the use of any of our premier business addresses worldwide as their own. Business telephones are diverted to our own mobile or landline, with a dedicated receptionist to take calls, and relay important messages promptly.

Virtual office services are available in all of the Jurisdictions offered by Offshore Universe. We will maintain the high standard of business operation expected from your company.

Benefits of a virtual office

By reducing your costs and sharing your overheads, a virtual office service leaves your offshore company to focus on growing and achieving initial objectives set for incorporating the company. While we provide the infrastructure and professional environment needed to platform your business, the company can focus attention on external rather than internal management.

A Virtual Office allows companies to be perceived as a large, established business. We also cater for the personal client who requires tailored correspondence.

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Offshore Universe is here to answer any queries regarding setting up an offshore virtual office system.

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Which companies should use a virtual office service?

Depending on the circumstances and of your offshore company, especially in active trading situations, it may be useful or necessary to have an enhanced presence of your company. Offshore Universe can provide virtual office services to offshore companies already in operation or new companies incorporated by us.