Offshore Tax and Accountancy

Offshore Universe offers an expert offshore tax and accountancy service, advising and updating companies of their tax liability in accordance with any changes in offshore jurisdiction’s legislation.

As each jurisdiction has its own regulation regarding accounting disclosure to Tax Authorities, we at Offshore Universe will inform you prior to the timeframe for submitting tax returns and advise which are the necessary documents for submission.

Tax liabilities

Offshore Universe endeavours to deliver the most tax efficient structures to our clients. Tax liabilities incurred by most offshore companies is usually zero, however subject to the jurisdiction tax laws (please refer to the Jurisdiction pages for specific tax information).

Tax Planning
Offshore Universe’s tax advisors can help companies structure a plan to reduce and or exempt liability over particular taxes.

  • Liability for income tax in the UK will apply unless an individual/company holds non-residential or non-domicile UK status and or legitimate commercial reasons behind company formation offshore without the intention of avoiding tax (S720 ITA regulation governs the exemptions regarding income tax liability).
  • Liability for capital gain tax is set out in S13 TCGA and S731 ITA.
  • Exemption from inheritance tax is dependent on domicile status. A non-domiciliary will be exempt from UK inheritance tax provided they are not in breach of the 17 year occupancy rule. 

Filing Annual returns to Tax Authorities

Dependent on the respective jurisdiction, there may be requirements to file an annual return of profits earned by the company to the jurisdiction’s Tax Authorities. 

These may be accessible on public record, but are usually for the purpose of ensuring that all trade activity has taken place outside of the company jurisdiction.

Offshore Universe’s Tax Compliance Policies

Offshore Universe fully complies with tax liability legislation and anti money laundering regulations. Offshore Universe advises within the legal parameters of achieving tax efficiency and does not advocate any form of illegal tax evasion schemes.

Why an Offshore Universe Tax Service?

  • Offshore Universe keeps commercially aware of the most competitive tax system jurisdictions available.
  • Offshore Universe can tailor services to your tax planning ambition where liability over particular taxes are hoped to be minimised as much as possible.
  • Offshore Universe addresses any tax related queries promptly 24:7 with an expert team dedicated to support you.

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