Offshore Legal Advice

Offshore Universe provides a bespoke offshore legal service tailored to forming your offshore company. Our lawyers are commercially aware and expert in advising clients about the legislative regulations governing various jurisdictions across the globe.

What does an Offshore Legal Service entail?

Offshore Universe’s legal service provides an expert team of lawyers on hand to answer any legal queries, to advise on the legal parameters of an offshore companies’ operation and update companies of any legislative changes which may affect company operation. With a wealth of knowledge of the different jurisdictions’ legal systems, our lawyers can help protect both the legal and financial interests of the company abroad.

Our lawyers are on hand to establish and oversee the creation of trusts in order to maintain the confidentiality and protection of assets.

Offshore Corporate Structuring

Offshore Universe provides full corporate structuring to your offshore company with short and long term objectives in mind. How an offshore company is structured is entirely dependent on the initial purpose it is created for. Our lawyers work closely to identify the planned benefits sought and how best to manipulate the structure to this end.

Corporate structuring with one of our expert lawyers before creating your offshore company is highly recommended to help plan the offshore company in a way that serves it’s intended purpose.

Offshore Debt Refinancing

Debt refinancing is the conversion of original debt, including outstanding or overdue amounts, into a new debt instrument. Offshore Universe can provide trusted debt refinancing checks and advice to offshore companies. There are many benefits of debt debt refinancing as paying off the current debt obligations with the new debt instrument, businesses can consolidate their debt and obtain better interest rates for the debt.

Moreover, debt refinancing programs offered by various lenders provide company owners with funding to cover existing debts and start a new debt instrument with new terms. The change in debt instrument can convert short-term loans into longer-term debt, which helps a company improve its cash flow and provides more ready available capital. In addition, paying off creditors enhances the reputation of the business, reduces the possibility of litigation, and helps re-establish solid relationships between the business and its key suppliers. The terms of such debt consolidations can be reviewed by one of our lawyers to ensure that they serve the financial interests of the company.

Why an Offshore Universe Legal Service?

    • Offshore Universe has a dedicated team of expert lawyers specialising in tax and accountancy and therefore are able to provide trusted financial advice relating to your offshore structure.
    • Offshore Universe provides professional client care.
    • An Offshore Universe legal service provides an all rounded package which can help protect your offshore company from various legal dimensions.