Why an Anguilla Company?

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    Anguilla IBCs are exempt from all taxes.

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    Extremely private; no free public access to beneficial ownership information

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    Shareholders, directors and officers can reside anywhere in the world

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    An Anguilla company can be incorporated within 24 hours after receipt of funds and completed forms

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    A minimum requirement of one director and one shareholder

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    No requirement to file annual reports or financial returns

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    Local legislation geared towards favouring business and entrepreneurship

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    Jurisdiction not tainted with negative offshore associations

Anguilla Company Key Facts

Anguilla Company Tax Information

The ultimate attraction for those who incorporate an Anguilla company is the fact that Anguilla is a tax neutral jurisdiction. International Business Companies (IBC) do not pay corporation tax, income tax, stamp duty, asset tax, and exchange controls on any corporate or personal income derived from outside Anguilla, and individuals or corporations either resident or not in Anguilla do not need to pay tax.

Anguilla companies are not required to disclose the name or personal details of the directors and/or beneficial owners to the registration authorities therefore such details are not freely available.

Additionally, there is no requirement for the company’s books and/or audited accounts to be presented to the authorities and no annual meeting is required.

Corporate Information

Number of Directors/ Manager

Shareholders/ Members

Type of Shares
Shares can be issued with or without Par Value and may be issued as Registered or Bearer form.

Director/ Manager
Corporate or individual

Must the Director/ Manager be resident?

Minimum paid up capital
No Minimum paid up capital requirement 

Restrictions on trade
An IBC is restricted from conducting business with persons resident in Anguilla, conducting banking or trust business, conducting insurance or reinsurance business, conducting the business of providing company management services. An IBC may maintain bank accounts, retain professional advisors carrying on business within Anguilla, maintain records, hold meetings, and lease office space.

Type of Company

Location of meetings

Registered office
Companies may continue operation in or out of Anguilla.

Nominee services

East Caribbean Dollar (XCD).


Name of the company
Prohibited names are any names which suggest the patronage of the Royal Family, the UK Government, a political party, a university, or a professional association. Restricted names include names that the Registrar may consider to be misleading or offensive, and include the title “bank”,”financial”, “trust”, and “insurance”. Such words can only be used in company names with the express consent of the Registrar. The name of an IBC must also end in one of the following: Ltd., Corp, Inc., SA, NV, or GmbH.

Privacy Information

There is no public register of company officers, therefore providing a high level of anonymity and privacy.

The IBC Act 2000 makes it an offence for anyone including an auditor or official liquidator to reveal any information regarding an Anguilla corporation, except by order of the Court, and solely relating to criminal activities.

The information on the Beneficial Owners is kept at the Registered Office and not available to the public.

Our offshore consultants are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to advise as to the potential benefits of utilising nominee services in conjunction with a Anguilla IBC.

How To Proceed?

Offshore Universe offers a bespoke service, answering all queries promptly within 24 hours. We encourage our clients to contact us directly, without obligation, for a Free Initial Consultation.

Our experienced consultants will gladly advise on the best approach to create your proposed offshore structure.

Anguilla Background Information

Anguilla Economy
Anguilla’s economy relies primarily on tourism. As a well regulated offshore financial services centre, Anguillan officials have put substantial effort into developing the offshore financial sector which includes the registration of offshore companies and trusts.

Anguilla Political Structure
Anguilla as a British Oversees territory Anguilla enjoys a stable political structure since it’s 1969 secession from St. Kitts and Nevis .

The island has a parliamentary representative democratic dependency system where the Chief Minister is the head of government.

Legislation Governing Company Operation
The prevailing legislation governing company operation is the Anguilla International Business Company Act adopted in 2000.
The Anguilla Financial Service Commission is the governing authority. Legislation is business friendly providing significant autonomy to offshore companies in the jurisdiction.

Anguilla Banking Services

  • High-level confidentiality – Banking privacy is reinstated by Anguilla statutes. Authorities have access to bank information in criminal tax matters where a court order is present only.
  • Variety of payment options – With accounts in several currencies, internet banking, international wire transfers, debit and credit cards, prepaid cards, checkbooks, merchant accounts, brokerage accounts Anguilla bank account holders enjoy great payment flexibility.
  • Low initial deposit requirements
  • Full operative control– Secure Internet-banking facilities, with no need to install specific software on computers or other devices.
  • Wide choice of payment cards
  • No personal visits to Anguilla is required to open a Anguilla bank account.
  • Free account application – The bank charges no fee for account opening.

Bank Account Requirements:

✓ Certified copy of passport
✓ Bank reference from a bank, which knows the person over 2 years

✓ Professional reference from an individual who knows the person over 2 years. If you do not have a relationships with a professional, the bank needs a second bank reference from another bank.

✓ Proof of address (original utility bill with individual’s name and residential address).

Our Anguilla banking Partners:

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Anguilla Offshore Company Bank

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