Offshore Jurisdictions

At Offshore Universe our specialist offshore consultants are all experts in advising clients on the best offshore jurisdiction specifically tailored for all of their international business need. The most popular jurisdictions are listed below however we are able to form offshore companies, trusts and foundations in most jurisdictions throughout the world.

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Isle of Man

Zero corporation, income and stamp duty tax is levied on personal or corporate income sourced outside of the Isle of Man.
The identity of beneficial owners of Isle of Man offshore companies is strictly protected from public access and may be undisclosed to the registration authorities.

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Offshore Jurisdictions - Panama

Where to Incorporate an Offshore Company?

Offshore Universe provides numerous popular offshore jurisdictions and company types for incorporation. Each offshore jurisdiction has its own set of advantages, or possible trade-offs. When deliberating which jurisdiction to incorporate your offshore company in, we recommend considering the following factors:

  • Incorporation costs and other business fees incurred are often the initial decision criteria when it comes to identifying the best offshore jurisdiction. Since an offshore venture is sought to lower overall costs of conducting business, finding an affordable jurisdiction for incorporation is essential.
  • Another important factor is popularity. The most popular jurisdictions are often the ones that have the best combination of all criteria; hence many choose to incorporate there. However this might be mitigated by negative tax haven associations attached to the jurisdiction.
  • The reputation of the systems the jurisdiction has in place. It is essential to have knowledge of the legal and financial systems of the jurisdiction, the quality of relevant corporate laws and legislatures, the existence of the business infrastructure and the country’s political stability.
  • The processing time to incorporate your offshore company, including time to establish an offshore bank account if necessary. In addition, identifying the various documents required for disclosure, are another important factor. Some jurisdictions can promptly register companies depending on the effectiveness of the local government agencies and registered agents.