Enhanced Privacy and Data Protection

Offshore data privacy and protection is an essential element of an offshore companies’ operation. We at Offshore Universe therefore treat privacy and confidentiality as paramount to the service we provide. Offshore Universe has in place enhanced privacy policies governing the exchange of information and documents.

Confidential information, including all privileged non-public information obtained, accessed or processed by offshore consultants at Offshore Universe while providing services to the client, whether an individual, company or trust corporation is treated highly securely.

Through the use of a secure Chinese wall structure, data is both physically and virtually protected ensuring the impenetrability of sensitive information. This consequently maintains confidentiality regarding the identity and disclosure of beneficial owners of any offshore company, offshore trust or offshore foundation registered through Offshore Universe. It is our company’s policy that only contact managers will ever hold the beneficiaries’ details and such data is only ever shared on the clients’ instruction.

Our Chinese wall structure is unlike any other competitors’ in the field and serves as a key mechanism through which Offshore Universe can ensure our clients’ interests are always protected. Potential conflicts of interests are resultantly managed and significantly limited.

Further and in addition, Offshore Universe provides greater insurance of data protection through the option of hardcopy incorporation documents delivered via our trusted courier system. A paper-based incorporation process further ensures that confidential information is kept clear from computer networks and thus is not susceptible to leaks or hacking. 

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