About Us

What We Do

Offshore Universe provides specialist commercial and tax advice in relation to any offshore structure sought by our clients.

Our clientele include both individuals and businesses, ranging from small to large in size; a service for those seeking to secure maximum tax efficiency with expert advice they can trust.

Our Values

Offshore Universe believes in operating with integrity and the highest sensitivity when dealing with confidential information. We hold mutual trust between ourselves and our clients as essential to the service we provide.

Offshore Universe is compliant with the laws and regulations on the prevention of international money laundering.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Offshore Universe is the only corporate service to provider to retain a team of expert lawyers who are on hand to deal with any query, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Our privacy and security assurances rival none because we at Offshore Universe understand the importance of confidentiality. All of the data on the website is SSL protected which establishes an encrypted link between our servers and the client; making us the most secure offshore formation company on the internet.

Why Offshore Universe?

  • Offshore Universe offers the most competitive company formation prices in the market.
  • Our clients receive a professional and reliable service that they can trust.
  • Confidentiality is at the forefront of the service we provide, at Offshore Universe all hardcopy due diligence and incorporation documents (including memorandums and articles of association) can be collected and delivered through our trusted courier system.
  • The offshore structures offered by us are tailored to our clients' individual needs.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Offshore Universe recommends making an appointment to address any queries relating to incorporating an offshore company, so that we are able to provide the best service tailored to your needs. It is however not a mandatory part of our service.

    Telephone or Skype appointments can alternatively be arranged for if location is an issue.

    This depends on the jurisdiction in question. The average incorporation time for the jurisdictions we offer are 1-2 days, however there may be some discrepancies. Please refer to the Jurisdiction page for further information.
    All of the documents that Offshore Universe will request from you are treated with the utmost confidentiality. The standard documents needed to incorporate a company are:

    • Form of ID (preferably a certified passport) for the purpose of the memorandum of association document.
    • Intended name of the company if already chosen
    • The share capital information of the company, if already decided upon.
    • A brief outline of the intended purpose of the business.
    There are many reasons for forming an Offshore company, some of these include:

    • Benefiting from greater tax efficiency.
    • Investment diversification to improve a companies’  portfolio and general profitability.
    • Asset protection 
    • Greater confidentiality in business operation due to limited or no personal information available on public record.
    • Ease of business operation shareholders’ meetings can be held anywhere in the world
    • Reduced bureaucracy within company operation since minimum or no filing and reporting of  tax audits and annual returns required.
    Incorporating an offshore company is perfectly legal. There are are various different reasons for forming an offshore company, increased tax efficiency being one. Offshore Universe complies with anti money laundering regulations and will only ever advise legal forms of tax efficiency. Governments encourage companies to take advantage of tax efficiency strategies for benefits from such ventures such as extended global reach and attracting investment.
    Offshore Universe provides nominee shareholder and nominee director services for the purpose of your offshore company. Although nominee services are provided they are not a pre-requisite nor a necessary requirement to form an offshore company. Nominee services are usually however opted for in order to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of offshore company operation.