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Offshore Universe’s banking service offers trusted assistance in establishing and managing offshore bank accounts for the purpose of your offshore company, offshore trust and/or offshore foundation.

Offshore Universe’s expertise in identifying and working with suitable offshore banks allows our clients to benefit from the professional and confidential service expected from us.

Offshore Universe has a strong belief in complying with the highest standards of service, we choose only to work with banks reputed with equally high standards.

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Offshore Universe’s company documentation service includes drawing up the relevant documents necessary for forming an offshore company. This is inclusive of the following:

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Register of Directors and Members
    • Share Certificates
    • Memorandums and Articles of Association

Offshore Universe offers the option of a paper based service of these documents for maximum security and protection. Hardcopy documents are delivered via our secure courier system.

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Offshore Universe’s teams of offshore consultants can provide both nominee and professional Directors and Shareholders for all offshore structures.

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Offshore Universe’s Trust services offers the creation and management of a confidential trust deed between the chosen Settler and Trustee. Our Trust services enables careful tax planning benefits to be sought, the protection of assets as well as privacy of ownership.

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Offshore Universe offers an expert tax and accountancy service, advising and updating companies of their tax liability in accordance with any changes in legislation.

As each jurisdiction has its own regulation regarding accounting disclosure to Tax Authorities, we
at Offshore Universe will inform you prior to the timeframe for submitting tax returns and advise which are the necessary documents for submission.

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Offshore Universe provides a bespoke legal service tailored to forming your offshore company. Our lawyers are commercially aware and expert in advising clients about the legislative regulations governing various jurisdictions across the globe.

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Why use an Offshore Company?

You choose the jurisdiction…we build the company.

Offshore CompanyOffshore structures are an increasingly attractive option for businesses that value tax efficiency, security and enhanced privacy.

An offshore company can be incorporated in a matter of days depending on the jurisdiction you choose. Our expert advisors can help assess the suitability of different structures and tailor services to your individual needs.

Offshore Universe understands the importance of privacy and security. Our obligations of confidentiality means information that you provide us is treated with the highest security.

Offshore Universe is the only corporate service provider to offer the option of a paper-based international courier service for maximum security and protection.

Unlike other offshore firms our security systems are impervious to outside security threats. All due diligence and incorporation documents, (including memorandums and articles of association) can be collected and delivered through our trusted courier system.

Our hardcopy documents are kept in secure storage and away from computer networks providing you with the assurance of impenetrable data protection.

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